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Karrie Wilson Gut Pain Coah
Meet Karrie

Her personal battle as a Crohn's patient led her down the path to becoming a Chronic Illness Coach & Author.

She has the knowledge and the heart to help you heal from:

  • Chronic Illness

  • Auto Immune Disease

  • Crohn

  • Colitis 

  • And the list goes on...

Tips & Recipes


In my blog you will learn how to transform your bodies ecosystem! Learn how to use your body`s weapons, how to repair your body to heal itself, and have a new stronger body.

And I share some of my favorite recipes with you too! 

"Let food be thy medicine"

Chronic Gut Illness Coach Meal Prep
Abdominal Health
Coaching will
Change Your Life


You don't have to live with the pain

Your body has 75 trillion cells in it

Your body repairs them Every Day

You can have a New Body

every 7 to 10 years!

Contact me to Get Started

Chronic Illness Cleansing Gut Health

"She understood my needs, and my pain tolerance. She knew just the right stuff for me to use to heal my body. The information that she gave me makes perfect sense. She will always give the reasoning why something will work and then show me in a way for me to understand it. when I am using her healing techniques I know for sure it is going to work and that I’m not playing the guessing game."


~ Angela M.

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