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​My Plan For You:

  • ​Test your Hormone health to get a better understanding of what your symptom is.

  • Buy your own personalized Probiotics and Vitamins for your body.

  • Do you want to know the correct medical pain tools needed for your body?

  • Do you want to learn ways to save money on medical bills or eliminate them?


I want you to learn how to do all this and much more. It`s your life and your choice. So make the right choice as I am looking forward to helping you.

Chronic Illness Coaching

My Story


I walked into my doctor's office and sat down listening to him tell me that we need to do surgery now! As I have Crohn's, IBS, and a Fistula. I was a patient that was always at the doctor’s office in pain. I had Joint pain in all my joints, gut pain, and could not keep food down as it was not digesting, on all autoimmune suppressants, and Cypro for bacterial infections.  Doctors were telling me to sign papers letting me know about these medications that I’m taking have a very high risk of giving me cancer. Cypro has lawsuits against them for causing people permanent joint damage.

I had to make a choice to either live like this or change my life.  I decided to take a new path. I wanted to make these choices for my body and not let someone else tell me. I took all the classes as seen below to learn to make the right choices. I wrote the book Cracking the Chronic Illness Code.


Now I have a better Biodome than ever before. I can eat more stuff than I was before.  I am medication free and feel better than ever. The world needs your voice, your message, and all our experiences.  We can learn and heal others and give courage to overcome anything.

"Karrie was like a breath of fresh air. The first day of talking to her put me at ease. I knew I found the right coach for me. Within a few days my pain went away. I knew through her coaching I was healing. She was very patient and calm with me. She taught me in a way that was easy and fun for me."


~ Dorothy D.

My Training:

  • Nutrition, Chronic Disease and Health Certificate

  • Diseases and Disorders

  • Bacteriology, Anatomy, and Physiology

  • Infection Control and Chemistry

  • Anatomy of skin/body system/cells/tissues

  • Medical Terminology/Billing/Coding

  • Chemical procedures/practices

  • Relaxation treatments/Electricity principles/safety

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