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1.5 million bugs live inside us, find out what they're and how they help us survive.

These microscopic bugs are called microbes and can be found all over our bodies. Most of these bugs help us prevent dangerous infections in our organs. These bugs are vital to us. We acquire these bugs from our mothers from birth, by eating raw veggie or fermented foods.

Scientists have discovered that we can transplant healthy people's microbes to unhealthy people to help the good microbes thrive. This is used for people with chronic illnesses or gut issues. Dr. Gary Wu, a gut health expert from the University of Pennsylvania has found that 9 out of 10 people who received these transplants were cured of c. difficile (gut issues).

These bugs also help with obesity. They regulate our metabolism. (Helps digestion, absorption, and use of nutrients.) These bugs tell each other when to eat, how much, and what to eat. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria and yeast that can improve digestive health by restoring natural balance to your gut bacteria. It can promote heart health, blood sugar, and the immune system. Fermented foods are the best way to get these beneficial bugs in your body.

Here are a few ways we can make our microbes strong and healthy:

  • Eating fermented foods

  • A diet high in fiber

  • Limit sugar and processed foods

  • Don't overuse antibiotics

  • Using antibacterial soaps all the time is not good.

  • Eat more raw uncooked veggies

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