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Getting extra help in losing weight through Binaural Beats.

Binaural beats are two slightly different sound frequencies and are played into each ear separately, typically using headphones. The response between the two is interpreted as a third sound. Termed a binaural beat. This third sound prompts brain cells to begin firing at the same frequency of brain waves that is occurring during a night of deep sleep. This allegedly promotes brain waves associated with our most relaxed states.

It has been known that some songs have used these types of beats in their music Like Pearl Jam- Light years. For instance, Pearl Jam used a binaural recording technique, which uses two microphones stuffed inside a mannequin's head to create a 3-d stereophonic sound. That caused the Binaural beat sound. Listen to it with headphones and see if you get goosebumps from it. I did!

Different frequencies help with different problems. My favorite ones are for pain (174hz) energy (30hz) and diet (295.8hz). You can youtube binaural beats and listen to them for free.

This can alter your thought process, assist in your eating habits, reduce stress, and better focus. In return, this helps in weight loss and gives you a metabolism boost. Check out this website to learn more about binaural beats and what it can do for you:,reason%20for%20this%20potential%20effect%20is%20still%20unknown.


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