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Try healing your body first, over choosing surgery.

Your body is made to heal itself. It is equipped with natural self-healing repair mechanisms. Our autonomic nervous system has two major operating systems.

The sympathetic nervous system-produces body,s stress response. (fight or flight)

The parasympathetic nervous system- produces a relaxation response. (rest and digest)

The sympathetic system when stressed will send out cortisol and epinephrine which in return pumps up the blood pressure and heart rate, activates large muscles, and saves your life.

Then the parasympathetic system hits to calm the body down. At this stage, your body can heal and be in equilibrium. When your body rests it will also digest food better.

Let these things work for you.

You can give it a boost with some natural ingredients like:

  • 15+ UMF Manuka Honey- Antibacterial, bacterial balance, and phenols that are therapeutic.

  • Collagen-building block of the skin that helps stimulate immune cells to heal.

  • Garlic- Help decrease inflammation and is an antibiotic.

  • Leucine (Amino acid)- helps accelerate recovery from muscle damage by preventing inflammation.

  • Protein- helps build and repair muscle, skin, and other body tissues.

Remember to always get enough sleep, exercise, and avoid alcohol and stress. If things don't, progress in 3-4 days then talk with your primary doctor.

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