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Tips for Healthier Holidays

One of the hardest times to take care of you is during the very active and social Holidays! Here are some tips that will help you make better choices:

WATER Staying hydrated is more challenging the busier we get. Have you gotten to the end of a day and realized you might have had two glasses of water all day? Dehydration has a powerful impact on your digestive system. Every body needs water but it is especially important for people who suffer with any form of stomach/abdominal disease. Whatever you need to do to get yourself in a pattern of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, do it!

CHOOSE FRESH We love the Holidays because we get to spend time and celebrate with our family & friends. But this also puts us around a lot of bad food choices. Just remember it is not worth the pain you will suffer from making the wrong choices. Typically there are fresh fruits and veggies at the gathering so Choose Fresh. Do not reach for processed and fried foods! Use your memory of the excruciating pain you will have to increase your will power.

BE ACTIVE & STAND Instead of sitting to visit, stand up to increase your circulation and metabolism. If it is a small group or a couple friends, instead of meeting for Happy Hour or a Meal ask if you can take a walk together, or go to a park for your visit. Even going to the mall and walking around is healthier than sitting and eating or drinking.

ALCOHOL IS YOUR ENEMY Head to the party with a few good ideas (and the ingredients if you need to) of fun drinks you can have that are alcohol free. Treat yourself to special fruit juices you don't normally buy and garnish them with a piece of fresh fruit.

ENJOY THE PEOPLE NOT THE FOOD Retrain yourself to realize your time at Holiday gatherings is about friends and family: sharing stories, visiting, cathcing up, encouraging each other to live healthier & happier lives. Cancel your thoughts of parties being about the food and drinks!

It is my desire to help you heal from your Chronic Illness and enjoy living a healthy and happy life. If you need extra encouragement during the Holidays, contact me and let's talk!


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