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Want to get motivated to workout check out these tips:

Usually, people won't work out unless something drastically changes in their life. Medical problems, divorce, or a break/up are usually the motivator. We don't want that to happen so we need to get motivated now.

  • Watch motivational videos:

  • listen to meditation music that gets you energized:

  • Join a group of friends and workout

  • Reward yourself with a new outfit

  • Workout early in the morning

  • Drink coffee, eat oatmeal or protein

  • counting your reps going down instead of counting up.

At the end of the day, you know by breaking a sweat has the power to do everything from a good mood, and confidence, and improve your health. Whether doing a 30- minute Hiit session, or a bike ride around town, you'll never regret showing your body some love and getting you closer to your fitness goals.

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